Introducing GoatBot

The only bot that you'll ever need. (Soon™)

Plenty of features


Play all the music that you want with the snazzy music command!


Have some commands in your admin toolbelt when things get a bit out of hand.


Commands made to make your day easier, like Reddit posts, RSS feeds, and Minecraft (server) status.

Helper Commands

If you ever wanted cool, in depth info about you, your friends, or a server, GoatBot can help!


Find out your servers' top chatters with GoatBot's optional leaderboards implementation.

Stat Tracking

Track stats in Fortnite,, Rainbow Six, and more coming soon!


GoatBot has an arsenal of the spiciest meme formats and a dank text generator so you can have a custom made expert meme collection in no time! Plus, get access to nearly 2,500 hand-picked memes (6,000 in the near future)!


With a range of APIs that GoatBot knows how to use, you can have amazing things like cleverbot, or a weather forecaster.


Online nearly 99.99% of the time. Check here for some stats.


There are updates nearly every other week, adding any requested features and some ideas of my own, and fixing any bugs found.

--- servers and counting...