Name Usage Example Description Category
Ban !ban <mention> [days to purge 0-7] [message] !ban @AsrielD#6969 2 Being mean to me Ban hammer free 4 u Moderation and Leveling
Kick !kick <mention> [message] !kick @AsrielD#6969 Being mean to me Give 'em the boot Moderation and Leveling
Leaderboard !lb !lb Find out who the top chatters are! Moderation and Leveling
Leveling !leveling [on/off] !leveling on Set the leveling for your server (equivalent to "serverconfig leveling") Moderation and Leveling
Logger Config !loggerconfig channel [reset|channelName] OR event(s) [event] [on|off] !loggerconfig channel #logs Modify and create a logging channel for your server! Moderation and Leveling
Prefix !prefix [prefix] !prefix - Set the prefix for me (equivalent to "serverconfig prefix") Moderation and Leveling
Purge !purge [messages = 10] !purge 50 Removes the messages in the channel. For when things get, a little bit out of hand... Moderation and Leveling
Server Config !serverconfig <property> <value> !serverconfig joinRole Member Edits your server configuration for when you want to feel all speshul inside. Moderation and Leveling
Softban !softban <mention> !softban @AsrielD#7072 Remove all of their messages since 7 days ago. Make sure to invite them back! Moderation and Leveling
Stats !stats [mention] !stats Get some stats about yourself on this server Moderation and Leveling
Stats Config !statsconfig [mention] <set|add|remove|reset> [amount (except reset)] !statsconfig @AsrielD#6969 add 300 Manually set the stats for someone, or yourself Moderation and Leveling
Achievement !achievement <title>|<description>|[icon] !achievement Hot Stuff|Pick up some lava|lava_bucket Allows you to make a custom Minecraft achievement Fun
Cleverbot !cleverbot <message> !cleverbot Hi there! Speak to your heart's content to CleverBot, that weird AI bot that everyone knows Fun
Emoji Text !emojitext <message> !emojitext despacito Repeats what you just said with emojis instead Fun
Hug !hug <mention> !hug @AsrielD#7072 Hug someone! :3 Fun
Kiss !kiss <mention> !kiss @AsrielD#7072 Kiss someone you love. <3 Fun
NSFW !nsfw !nsfw For 18+ stuff Fun
Pat !pat <mention> !pat @AsrielD#7072 Pat. Fun
Pupper !pupper !pupper Gives you a cute pupper 🐶 Fun
React !react <message> !react despacito Reacts the message Fun
Reverse !reverse <message> !reverse >447658648762715215:ecnad:a< egassem ruoy sesreveR Fun
Rock Paper Scissors !rps <rock|paper|scissors> !rps rock Play rock paper scissors with me! Fun
Ship !ship <mention> <mention> !ship @AsrielD#6969 @Cake#8676 Ship your friends! 👀 Fun
Slap !slap <mention> !slap @AsrielD#6969 Slap someone you "dislike" (ง •̀_•́)ง Fun
Slots !slots !slots A slot machine! Fun
Undertext !undertext <text> !undertext Hi it's me sans undertale Create a custom dialog in Undertale Fun
Batman !batman <word> !batman ter Hey Robin, get the... Memes
Bill !bill !bill Have some wisdom. Memes
Bling !bling <phrase>|<phrase> !bling /r/me_irl|/r/pyrocynical Cool meme m8 Memes
Brain !brain <phrase>|<phrase>|<phrase>|<phrase> !brain Standing still on the escalator|Walking up the stairs|Walking up the escalator|Standing still on the stairs 🤔 A meme scientifically proved to raise your IQ. 🤔 Memes
Freeway !freeway <phrase>|<phrase> !freeway Suicide Hotline Number|BetterHelp Exit in 3 feet... Memes
Norris Quote !norrisquote !norrisquote Gives you a joke about Nuck Choriss. Memes
Scroll !scroll <phrase> !scroll Throw this away Go find some knowledge. Memes
Several Are Typing !severalaretyping <phrase> !severalaretyping If furries want to be animals, we have the right to eat them Heated discussions. Memes
Shooting Star !shootingstar <phrase> !shootingstar girlfriend pls I wish... oh. Memes
Spongestand !spongestand <phrase>|<phrase> !spongestand Free VBucks|LEGIT (NO SCAM) I am famous now Memes
Woah !woah !woah The only meme command you'll ever need. Memes
8ball !8ball [question] !8ball Will I lose my virginity? 100% verified true magik 8 ball Utility
About !about !about Get some stats about me Utility
Channel Info !channelinfo !channelinfo Get some stats about your channel Utility
Dice !dice [sides on dice=6] !dice 69 Roll a dice with however many sides you want. Utility
Fortnite !fortnite [stats] <username> [platform=pc] OR shop [item] !fortnite stats Ninja Shows a player's stats, grabs info about a cosmetic, or displays the current daily shop Utility
Game News !gamenews <game> !gamenews Rainbow Six Find out about the latest news about your game! Currently only supports Steam. Utility
Help !help !help Gives you help on the commands that I can do. Basically this, but in your DMs. Utility
MC Status !mcstatus [Server IP] !mcstatus Gives you a status update on Mojang's Minecraft APIs. Utility
Music !music !music help Play some beats, or make your friends frown at your choice of anime/memes. Use the help subcommand for some more help. (IN BETA) Use the feedback command to notify me of any bugs or anything. Utility
PFP !pfp [mention] !pfp Get yours, or someone else's, profile picture 📸 Utility
Ping !ping !ping Ping the bot and get the latency. Hardest command I had to code by far 😎 Utility
Poll !poll get <id> OR post <title>|<option>|<option>... !poll post Best Fortnite Season|Season 1|Season 2|Season 3|Season 4|Season 69 Create or obtain info about a poll Utility
Rainbow 6 !rainbow6 <username> [platform=pc] !rainbow6 LordChanka xbox Shows how bad you tryhard in Rainbow Six Siege Utility
Reddit !reddit <subreddit> !reddit discordapp Shows you the top hot post of a subreddit. Utility
RSS !rss <add|remove|list|help> !rss help Connect to an RSS feed and get updates Utility
Server Info !serverinfo !serverinfo Get some stats about this server Utility !survivio <username> !survivio furry Get your stats! Utility
User Info !userinfo [mention] !userinfo Get super cool information about you (or your friend) Utility
Weather !weather <location> !weather NYC Tells you the weather for an area. Utility
Bot Stats !botstats !botstats Get super cool stats about the super cool bot Special
Eval !eval (top secret stuff) !eval (top secret stuff) Go away and mind your own business. Special
Feedback !feedback !feedback Give feedback on GoatBot! Special
Invite !invite !invite Find out more about this bot and add it to your server! Special
Vote !vote !vote Vote for me! Special
Voters !voters !voters Find out who the top voters are! Special